Friday, May 1, 2015

Law School Roommate - Last Night Solidarity

I really don't know what to say,
We have had our bad, but more than that very good days,
I am happy and elated that from first to last, all throughout we managed to stay.

Life from here is going to take unknown turns,
For so many years from now, for your company and presence I'll definitely yearn.

I'll be frank and precise, thanks for bearing all those sleepless nights,
I knew that the table lamp and its light was the worst possible thing in our isle,
But no wonder, I could make it through as never there was a single complaint from your side.

That night, or early in the morning,
When you did not forget to switch off the fan, when it was causing me coughing and adding to the plight,
I still remember how good I felt after that, for days and nights,
I missed your presence on the weekends, for walls only used to me be my friends in our small farmville.

I'll miss seeing you around,
I'll miss seeing your being carefree and sleepy in life when all that while, my life revolved around library, books and the leftover life.

As we move on from here, I wish you stay the way you are, happy and happy and always happy in life,
Thank God we at least have one picture together, to showoff and bid each other final good bye.

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