Friday, April 11, 2014

Law School Seniors - Farewell Time

The heart is pained
It seeks love
The pain of parting is just so unbearable
Only in the agony of parting, we understand the importance of love
Today is a great day
And there are many more great days to come
But then for all these days you have been with us
The heart has always been so cared and protected
Goodbyes happen so that we can meet again
But this is one goodbye, I don't know when will we meet again
I crave that the bonding and the affection persists forever
May the drops of formalities and professional hierarchies not make it mundane
All I have in my heart and mind is the wish to hold back time and keep seeing you again and again
Those days had their own charm, when your support and guidance used to be an omnipresent reality
Carrying myself on my own from here is indeed an adventurous idea and compelling fidelity
But being carried and pushed by you was a feeling unmatchable in itself
There was no fear, as a guide assured to be there if at all we fell back
The assurance was such that the falling never happened
This might sound to be childish again
But life without you would certainly be a bit mundane
You worked hard, you toiled and you persisted
As much as you didn't gain out of it
An ocean of it shall be gained by us ever and forever
From teachers to recruiters, from ragging to pampering
The heart is grateful and shall be for years to come, for all those testing times you have been there for us
The essence lies in your humility and benevolence
But these are just mere small words to define your selfless nature
The eversmiling nature and indomitable spirit to fight back with unity and enthusiasm
Are rare qualities in this fast forward world which we learnt only from you
Words can and will never suffice the thankfulness we have for you
All we pray for you is that, may you keep soaring great heights like this in your chosen spheres
May sky be the limit for you and you touch the stars with your feet on the ground
Howsoever we move ahead in life, we shall always fall back and look upto you
For it's just only once in many years, that one gets touched by seniors like you
We take this moment and make an attempt to bid you the best good bye ever
May God bless you and be with you forever
Farewell! Do remember us, as we shall always remember you
We will so dearly miss you. Adieu.

The poem is dedicated to the batch of 2009-2014 of Gujarat National Law University. GNLU shall so dearly miss them. The author can be reached here, here and here.

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