Saturday, February 22, 2014

To My Love, With Lots of Love

Oh, you my beautiful love,
Beautiful is a very small word to define you.
You lit up the energy inside me,
You ignite the lost desire in me,
I once again want to live, ever and forever,
So far so good.

I waited for years and years together,
You don't know how much you made me wait,
I often used to sulk in the darkest and deepest hours of my loneliness,
Thinking and getting lost in the sadness of your delayed arrival.

I thought God was being cruel to me,
I often fought with him and kept complaining,
He kept overlooking, over and over and all over again.

But then in the wee hours of a chilly winter night,
Something strange happened,
My tired and sleep filled eyes,
Suddenly brightened up with the glow and glitter of a heavenly light,
I could barely manage to keep them open.

Looks of an angel, calmness of a fairy, and beauty of divine,
Were some of her traits,
I asked God is she the one,
Is this a dream,
He didn't answer.
I said I can't bear anymore heartbreaks,
I neither want to be loved nor I can love,
Tell me, is she the one, I didn't want to feel left alone anymore.

He didn't answer.
There was so much pain already,
Her leaving me, would have been the final nail in the coffin,
I understood that time had come to depart, the call came from within,
Everything was there, the final nail, the coffin, and she seemed ready.

I had a one last thankful and disappointed look at Him,
For everything good and bad he had given to me,
In the wee hours as I was allowing myself to rest in peace,
Something suddenly touched me.

It was gentle, it was serene, it was humble, and the tranquility moved my emotions,
It wasn't the coffin, my head rested on her laps,
It wasn't the nail, it was the cushioning of her palms,
It was her delicate fingers which were caressing my hair,
The lid of the coffin disappeared, the velvet of her love spread all over my body.

My eyes smiles, my heart smiled, my soul cried out of happiness,
Those were moments of transformation,
For all those moments when I waited, waited and waited,
When I was being that usual complainant to God,
It was then, He was being the busiest just for me,
Working in those wee hours of silence,
He overlooked and overheard everything,
So that he didn't miss out on creating the perfect being He wanted you to be.

He gave birth to you, my love,
He gave a re-birth to me, by giving birth to you.

And now I don't want to rest anymore,
I want to be a worshipper of the beauty of your soul,
My eyes stop blinking,
They have become captive to every moment of your charm and splendor,
All your worries and sorrows are no more yours,
They are all mine.
You were born to be loved,
The world was cruel I know, but you fought your way out to perfection and glory,
Allow me to empty my unbounded love on love,
Allow this love to be your treat as you march on your way to acme,
Allow yourself to rest in my arms, as they lie wide open, for you my love.

There is a life changing magic when you touch me with your fingers,
Your rosy cheeks, I can imagine my world, my entire life, in their flawlessness,
The shadow of your dark eyelashes, add grace to your cautiously carved out face,
It adds to my breathlessness,
It does not allow evil eyes to surround your beautiful soul,
It is invitation to beautiful souls to come closer to you, to attain perfection, purity and peace.

You my love, be there for me ever and forever,
You my love, might feel that I am just playing around with words,
But I'll always be there, whenever you'll reach out to me,
In times of difficulties your empathizer,
In times of joy your partner in celebrations,
Would never walk behind you, would never walk ahead of you,
Will always walk with you.
In the wee hours of despair and debacles, shall always be there for you.

I don't complain to God anymore,
Even he asks me to simply turn around, and just look at my love,
To My Love, With Lots of Love.

P.S.: The author can be reached here, here and here. This is for the first time that the author has tried his hand at poetry. He would love to hear your comments, criticisms and suggestions over it. This was officially scheduled for publication on the 14th, but that just did not work out.

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