Friday, May 1, 2015

Law School Roommate - Last Night Solidarity

I really don't know what to say,
We have had our bad, but more than that very good days,
I am happy and elated that from first to last, all throughout we managed to stay.

Life from here is going to take unknown turns,
For so many years from now, for your company and presence I'll definitely yearn.

I'll be frank and precise, thanks for bearing all those sleepless nights,
I knew that the table lamp and its light was the worst possible thing in our isle,
But no wonder, I could make it through as never there was a single complaint from your side.

That night, or early in the morning,
When you did not forget to switch off the fan, when it was causing me coughing and adding to the plight,
I still remember how good I felt after that, for days and nights,
I missed your presence on the weekends, for walls only used to me be my friends in our small farmville.

I'll miss seeing you around,
I'll miss seeing your being carefree and sleepy in life when all that while, my life revolved around library, books and the leftover life.

As we move on from here, I wish you stay the way you are, happy and happy and always happy in life,
Thank God we at least have one picture together, to showoff and bid each other final good bye.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

That's all folks!

So yes here it is, official farewell, just got over a sometime back
It feels good, it feels nice, the feelings are mixed of low and high
They were all there today, I mean almost
I have no clue why didn't the rest turn up, they had their own hay

The scene was like that of a rainbow, it felt divine to see the vibrance of the seven at the same time
The Violet is almost hazy in my memory, it told me , it does not matter where you came from and what you were
The Indigo is what I'll miss the most, the comfort of the first year, the joy of surprise and newness, the warmth of welcoming
The Blue got me going, it converted the spark into the fire, I jumped into the pool, which had all the good, better and the best and taught me the lessons of togetherness and never let go of the fire
The Green is always a testing time, half way through the journey only to tread the same distance for one more time, there were ups and downs, time took a test of everyone's character, everything became crystallized, the true and the best came  out of everyone, to leave many a joyous and many just sublime
The Yellow said, guys it's not over yet, red is what you aim for, come on buck up, it is the last lap
Orange is what I write from right now, the sight of the finish line is enduring, there is excitement with uncertainty of what lies ahead, there is pain of separation,
My calling is the Red now, it says worry not kid, for all good things must come to an end, fear not the brightness and fullness of me, this was all for which you left the violet, so embrace it now that you have it, let go off the mishaps and missed chances, but do not miss what lies ahead as the time of your life

When you want something in life, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it, humari college life me bhi humari filmon ke jaise end me sab kuch theek ho hi jata hai, aur agar aisa na ho toh woh the end nahi, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost, that's all folks!

The author can be reached here, here. All pictures at Gujarat National Law University. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Feeling Apologetic

Tomorrow is my farewell day
My blog says thirty three more days for you to stay
My juniors came in class today
Gave us the farewell invite, so its final countdown to no more college hay
But hey, I don't want to go away
I owe an apology
I am feeling apologetic
Regret and despair is hovering over my mind
They say this was the inevitable and had to happen, but before it happens
My apologies to all those whom I assumptively judged without thinking
My apologies to all those who approached me and I kept running
My apologies to all those to whom I made unnecessary interferences and suggestions in their life
My apologies for often being invariably unsocial and non-talkative, even though I thrived
Believe me all that was not on purpose, I tried my best to avoid the ruckus

I apologize to myself
I promise I will push and back myself up more than ever from now  
I promise to keep faith in my abilities ever and forever from here
I promise to drive away joblessness and fear
I promise not to remain stuck, I'll be brave and I'll move further
I promise to shun away shiny distractions and solely focus on tiny extractions

I know I can't make the past better from here
But I will not keep the promises limited to this blog post
I apologize and I promise, from here on I'll make this as a better road
Unfortunately that is how life goes.

The author can be reached here, here.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Anniversary Mummy & Papa!

The time is here, the moment is here
It was a rough journey with sweet patches throughout,  
As we embark upon another milestone of it
There is unbound joy and pride in each soul, excitement to celebrate and shout  
We thank the almighty for being gracious on us all throughout
We promise not to repeat any of the mistakes which we committed all this way out
For anniversaries is another way of saying, that I love you all the more than ever
First one is special as it marks the first significant step up in this beautiful journey called marriage  
Twenty fifth is all the more special as one feels confused as to which one was the best of all these steps
This love of yours is unique and special in nature
It is not an evening in Paris, no one is from Rangoon, there is no Dream Girl, 
It is not even a match made in heaven
It is a match which even God Himself idolizes to make matches made in heaven
Money, dresses and cars never make happy families
Togetherness, availability, empathy and sacrifice do
All this and a lot more are just few of the many precious things which we got from you selflessly day and night
Hardships and giving up were never in your dictionary, love, compassion and endless spirit to keep going is what defined you
From being kids to being adults, as we kept taking cues from all of this and the magnificent you
We realized that the best we could be was to just be partly like you, as imitation of perfection is in itself herculean
For who would need the worship of God, when His worship and meeting lies in the blessings of our daily surroundings
With the hope of the love getting multiplied each day, and the belongingness growing multifold
We wish you a very happy anniversary, endless moments of togetherness, and love drops till eternity.