Saturday, March 28, 2015

Feeling Apologetic

Tomorrow is my farewell day
My blog says thirty three more days for you to stay
My juniors came in class today
Gave us the farewell invite, so its final countdown to no more college hay
But hey, I don't want to go away
I owe an apology
I am feeling apologetic
Regret and despair is hovering over my mind
They say this was the inevitable and had to happen, but before it happens
My apologies to all those whom I assumptively judged without thinking
My apologies to all those who approached me and I kept running
My apologies to all those to whom I made unnecessary interferences and suggestions in their life
My apologies for often being invariably unsocial and non-talkative, even though I thrived
Believe me all that was not on purpose, I tried my best to avoid the ruckus

I apologize to myself
I promise I will push and back myself up more than ever from now  
I promise to keep faith in my abilities ever and forever from here
I promise to drive away joblessness and fear
I promise not to remain stuck, I'll be brave and I'll move further
I promise to shun away shiny distractions and solely focus on tiny extractions

I know I can't make the past better from here
But I will not keep the promises limited to this blog post
I apologize and I promise, from here on I'll make this as a better road
Unfortunately that is how life goes.

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