Sunday, January 31, 2016


Today I am lonely
I do not know what to say 
I do not know what to do 
I do not know what I am doing with my life 
I am undergoing an inexplicable patch
Which is full of despair, regret, remembrance and memory 
Which has arisen out of a devastating betrayal 
I do not know what went wrong and what was wrong 
I feel pulled down, cheated, looted and psychologically raped 
Things and life keep getting beautiful and complicated as we grow up 
A piece of the latter this time has made me stop in life 
It is getting difficult to move ahead 
I fail to understand what exactly to ponder upon and why 
I fail to decide where to begin thinking from 
This is an unfamiliar phase 
Sometimes I feel this is deservance 
Sometimes I feel this is a process to something astonishing 
I am just so numb from inside
From body, mind, heart and every side
I seriously need help 
But I do not know whom to ask it from 
I feel most comfortable in just sleeping, bathing, eating and working now 
Life is becoming an unanswered question 
Why would someone behave like this 
I want my answers and my peace of mind 
Forgive me God for which I am undergoing this 
Help me to come back to myself 
I am sorry. 

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