Friday, August 15, 2014

The Old Bedsheet, The Rumble, A New Day

The weather is humid
The body is itchy and sticky
The food fumes out the human being inside me
There is so much of hustle and bustle all around
The surroundings are gloomy, stuck and discouraging
Amidst all this I fail to find peace and have lost my own self

I am surrendering to situations and problems
They say I am not good enough
They say it's to be done this way
They always do it better than me
I fail to understand what is wrong with me
I just lie down in nothingness
I am anxious about the past, I am worried about the future
I fail to understand what actually present means to me
The smell of pot from the room beside me is captivating
The world is taking refuge in the arms of alcohol and smoke
The spirit is dying
The body is seeking excuses not to work
The disciples of joblessness are so very eager to kill me down further
I stretch my body and legs further, trying to get lost and asleep continually ever
Only to realize that my bedsheet and my pillow have degraded more than me further
I have stopped caring about myself anymore
Then how would have I cared about things and people around me all the more
The limit of continuous sleeping has reached the brim now
Postponement of chores is becoming my flair
Attitude and perception is being rigid and unclear

Reality hits me really hard
Enough of postponement
Tonnes of laziness
Nothing else but just naughts of gains
No one but myself has to come to my rescue
No one but myself only has to help myself
Loved ones do not make things happen for you
The arrival of a loved one is further excusing myself
They are your partners in celebrations, your empathizers in pain
Celebrations and pains come only when you are not mundane
When the body is at work, the mind is thinking, the spirit lives up to your name
When you start living your life for something to continuously work for, achieve and gain

Oh I left my old bedsheet and pillow for another day
I removed the curtains
The sun shone and I started making hay
I was missing my own world for so long now
Thinking that I have been in a wrong world forever and now

The creation of my world lied in my own hands
The world is defined by our own deeds and actions
A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step
Our world would travel distances and cover journeys with every such single step
Oh I left the negativity for another day
What was wrong with me was my hazy focus on myself per se
I focussed too much on what other had their focus on
I started forgetting the Almighty's creation which was myself
I neither looked left, nor looked right
Held the head up, firm and tight
The sole focus on myself brought a high tide and new light

The wind was refreshing, the vibrancy came from within
External simulators were nothing but just a running away from myself game
A hero lied inside me
I was born to feed it till I was called back
I was not born to allow it to die by getting overwhelmed by the heroics of others
Everyone had their own hero, everyone had their in themselves, so did I

I decreased the inclination, I straightened my back up
I pulled up my socks, had a deep long look into my eyes
The spirit and the energy all lied buried inside
It was time to lit up the lost flame
For ships are safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are for
The voyage began, my ship started cutting across the waves back and forth
Their rumbling was a deep pleasing sound
It was a sound never heard before, it was a sound so magnificent
It was a sound of my confidence, sound of my vigour and courage
I could see and hear them rumble
In the rumble, I could see the reflection of my hidden self
It was just a spur of self created moment which took me to change
I promised to always be a life partner to it and never to avoid such a positive change
Oh I left the old bedsheet and pillow for another day
I met myself, it made me, my life, my day.

The picture is of the campus of Gujarat National Law University clicked in August 2013. Simple in depiction, the picture speaks for itself. The first three paragraphs refer to the lower half of the picture, where the problem starts. The last four to the upper half where one should head on. A very Happy Sixty Ninth Independence Day to all the fellow Indians across the globe. The author can be reached herehere and here.

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